• Joe Dupuis: 1st National Champion
    Dupuis (Brockton, MA) defeats James Roberts (Tampa, FL) for the $3,000 first prize at ARCS I Stage III from the U.S. Open in Virginia (Sep, 2013).

  • Gwen Townsend: 1st Female Qualifier
    Townsend (Fairfax, VA) is the first woman to qualify for ARCS Stage II (regionals) (Dec, 2013).

  • Jerry Calderon: 2nd National Champion
    Calderon (Miami, FL) defeats Joe Dupuis (Brockton, MA) for the $3,000 1st prize at ARCS II Stage III from the Derby City Classic in Indiana (Jan, 2014).

  • Billiard Club Update: 23% to Target

  • United = a Brighter Future for Billiards

  • Honoring Etiquette
    and Sportsmanship

512 pioneering poolplayers. 64 proactive club owners. The American Billiard Club unites the industry and returns cue sports to the best its tradition has to offer. Our flagship product, American Rotation, rewards pro am competitors as well as aspiring challengers.

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